Author: Elidia Zacarias (Oficial de Comunicação)
May 26, 2024, 8 a.m.
Presentation of the DIREITOS program in Quelimane - A Starting Point for the Start of Activities

On May 25th, the RIGHTS Program was presented to community leaders in the city of Quelimane, Zambézia province, specifically in the Janeiro neighborhood. This meeting was attended by community leaders, and, on the Program side, by the Field Officer and the group of local activists.

Cátia Chivanze, Field Officer of the Program in Quelimane, began the presentation by introducing the essence of the DIREITOS Program in general, its objectives, the benefits it will bring to the community and at the end she presented the group of activists who will work at neighborhood level.

Community leaders, in turn, expressed gratitude and support for the Program, highlighting the importance of its implementation in the context of human rights violations that they have witnessed in their daily lives, as well as the relevance of training local members to deal with issues of rape at community level.

This presentation marks the starting point for the beginning of activities in Quelimane.


Source: Cátia Chivanze (Quelimane)
Photography: Ivan Zacarias (Chiúre)