about us


JOINT is a non-profit organization, with legal personality, financial and asset autonomy, created in 2007 and made official in 2008, with the aim of strengthening the role of Mozambican civil society and its participation in the country's socio-economic processes and development.


Connect and strengthen civil society institutions with a view to improving collective action for the common good and dialogue with the Government and the Public Sector.


An active Civil Society, engaged and committed to the quality and effectiveness of its actions in favor of social inclusion, socioeconomic development and well-being.


According to the JOINT Strategic Plan for the period 2021-2025, our core values ​​are:

1. Social Responsibility: Commitment to the mission of serving the population, avoiding exclusion;

 2. Collective Action: Promotion of synergies in interventions.

 3. Social Participation: Valuation of all contributions from civil society.

 4. Social Justice: Prioritization of equity in tights and duties of all.

5. Transparency and Honesty: Operate with integrity and responsibility.

 6. Activism and Associations: Promoting active and collaborative engagement.

7. Multidisciplinarity: Respect for the diversity and specificity of each member.

 8. Independence and Impartiality: Impartial and independent decisions.

 9. Responsibility: Appropriate and implement the commitments made to the populations.

 10. Professionalism: Integrate and responsible approach to all actions.


In the context of strengthening the intervention capacity of Civil Society Organizations in Mozambique, JOINT operates based on the following specific objectives:

1. Promotion and connection of CS actors engaged in defending citizenship rights and freedoms;
2. Sharing and disseminating information about the dynamics and manifestations of SC among members and other development actors;
3. Promoting and strengthening the capabilities of its members with a view to their long-term sustainability;
4. Promotion of a culture of open dialogue, cooperation, and coordination between its members and the Government; as well as with donors and other institutions involved in the country's development programs;
5. Representation and defense of members' points of view before institutions and decision-making bodies;
6. Development of regional and international cooperation with similar organizations, within the framework of the solidarity of the peoples of the world region;
7. Contribution to the consolidation of peace and socio-economic development of Mozambique.